Book Birth Questions and Answers

The day your book is in your hands is precious. You hold your newborn and wonder at its beauty and perfection!

Not for long!

Soon your grumpy self sees things that you dislike.  You gasp in remorse after such a prolonged and painful delivery and wonder how it all began.

Tears may even flow with grief and anxiety.

Who will love this befuddled bundle? Will the critics throw it in the steel basket?

How did such a big error pass the gene test?

Who has purchased this deformed baby already? Gasp!

Where is my eager smile?

Can anything be retrieved?






All is Not Lost

Every author goes through trauma at some point in their publishing experience, so first of all, you are not alone! (Though you sure feel alone with your bumbling baby)

Today, the POD is a life saver for authors. (Print On Demand)

You can change a lot of things even after your book is published:

Typos, images restructured, headings, and even some text. Book Cover images.

Maybe this baby will live!

Even in POD situations, you cannot change certain elements:

ISBN and book dimensions (i.e. 6 x 9) , length of book (number of pages)

Basically, you keep the baby and chuck the bath water!

What if you have paid for Offset printing?

This is almost set in concrete, but I have changed a few things in the blueprint, including typos and some image changes (replace image)

Other than that, you will need to dip in your pocket again!

And keep the books already printed in some hidden part of your house or shed

to be distributed as gifts for poor friends and relatives who never give you money even if they adore your baby!






Imagination and Marie

This is my hidden world; the place I go to from the wild things in my neighbourhood! My imagination. Stories well up inside me in the quiet of the night and I store them somewhere in my hypothalmus or other area in my grey filing cabinet in my head.

This picture is one from my upcoming story, “Runaway Princesses Get a Pet”, which is quite an ordeal for them, resulting in 3 princesses needing to track down a terrible dragon that is bringing darkness to their Kingdom, Chipolata, causing sadness.

The inimitable pair, Hadley and Skylar are accompanied by their step-sister, Princesses Rosehip, whom they met in the first Runaway Princesses adventure in Hunchytown (now called Happytown).

The three must venture into places that are at times a little scary, but they must hold their nerve to protect their little friend (a small dragon) from extinction.  As they rush through the underground to find Barbage they are confronted by a most surprising person, their own Prince Bubblegum, who has decided not to join their quest, as he is on his own quest…

This disturbing news makes the three princesses work faster and harder to accomplish what they set out to do.

Set in rhyme for easy reading which is easier for anyone to read, and kinda quick. My granddaughter (age 7) adores this and gets so excited that she has now written her own first story (to be published shortly).

I must get back to my stories now. I am busy doing book covers as well, and the grandchildren are coming to visit! Yeah! Happy days.

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