Imagination and Marie

This is my hidden world; the place I go to from the wild things in my neighbourhood! My imagination. Stories well up inside me in the quiet of the night and I store them somewhere in my hypothalmus or other area in my grey filing cabinet in my head.

This picture is one from my upcoming story, “Runaway Princesses Get a Pet”, which is quite an ordeal for them, resulting in 3 princesses needing to track down a terrible dragon that is bringing darkness to their Kingdom, Chipolata, causing sadness.

The inimitable pair, Hadley and Skylar are accompanied by their step-sister, Princesses Rosehip, whom they met in the first Runaway Princesses adventure in Hunchytown (now called Happytown).

The three must venture into places that are at times a little scary, but they must hold their nerve to protect their little friend (a small dragon) from extinction. ¬†As they rush through the underground to find Barbage they are confronted by a most surprising person, their own Prince Bubblegum, who has decided not to join their quest, as he is on his own quest…

This disturbing news makes the three princesses work faster and harder to accomplish what they set out to do.

Set in rhyme for easy reading which is easier for anyone to read, and kinda quick. My granddaughter (age 7) adores this and gets so excited that she has now written her own first story (to be published shortly).

I must get back to my stories now. I am busy doing book covers as well, and the grandchildren are coming to visit! Yeah! Happy days.

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2 thoughts on “Imagination and Marie”

  1. My first Book birth was in 1999. Book stores were not keen to give me any money and I had a few disappointments. One company in Melbourne, Victoria rang me and said they had tried to contact me to buy 8 books. I sent them 8 of my best babies (books) and I remember the post cost nearly as much as the books. The invoice was payable within 30 days. Around 35 days later I received a letter from a solicitor, saying the company had gone into liquidation and I was eventually sent 3c in the dollar for my efforts. In the dissolution of the company, first of all those who owned the company received the lion’s share. I do not know how many struggling authors never received even the cost of the postage, let alone the cost of printing their books. I still have the letter to remind me that there are sharks out there and to always be watchful. When I was a child, my small sister 2.5 years younger was my pride and joy. Mother used to place my sister in a pram just outside the front door in a cove. It was a village in Ireland and everyone knew everyone else. Well, I stood guard over my sister and if anyone wanted to even look at my sister, I would say, “Stop looking at my baby, or I’ll get the hatchet.” Of course, I had no idea where the hatchet was, or if we had one. I was 2.5 after all. Every day many of the locals came by to hear me saying these words with my fists clenched, protecting my baby sister. I guess this has been mimicked in protecting my publications. I am also fiercely protective when it comes to my human children, and my beloved husband. I blame it on the Goons! Ha ha!


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