All is Not Lost

Every author goes through trauma at some point in their publishing experience, so first of all, you are not alone! (Though you sure feel alone with your bumbling baby)

Today, the POD is a life saver for authors. (Print On Demand)

You can change a lot of things even after your book is published:

Typos, images restructured, headings, and even some text. Book Cover images.

Maybe this baby will live!

Even in POD situations, you cannot change certain elements:

ISBN and book dimensions (i.e. 6 x 9) , length of book (number of pages)

Basically, you keep the baby and chuck the bath water!

What if you have paid for Offset printing?

This is almost set in concrete, but I have changed a few things in the blueprint, including typos and some image changes (replace image)

Other than that, you will need to dip in your pocket again!

And keep the books already printed in some hidden part of your house or shed

to be distributed as gifts for poor friends and relatives who never give you money even if they adore your baby!







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